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I love to write, probably rooted in a life-long love of reading. That’s why after building a reputation for writing copy that was clear, concise, and accurate during the 15 years I worked for Northeast Delta Dental in Concord, New Hampshire, I started a freelance writing business when I retired. Northeast Delta Dental became my first client.

I prepared for what I do now first by earning an Associate in Science degree in Business, after which I worked as an executive secretary for many years in several business and municipal environments. Every employer benefitted from my writing ability and told me so. Eventually, my goal was to increase my writing skills and spend more time writing, so I went back to college mid-life to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, which helped prepare me for a career in public relations.

My writing experience at Northeast Delta Dental, and writing workshops, which included training in speechwriting, helped me become a stronger writer, editor, and proofreader. The projects for which I was responsible then, and which I am available to write for clients now, include:

  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Business Profiles
  • Ads
  • News Releases
  • Website and Social Media Text
  • Award Applications
  • Speeches

My husband Doug and I are transplants from small towns in central Massachusetts. Having lived for all but three years out of the last three decades in New Hampshire (in Franklin, Farmington, Pittsfield, and Keene), we’re home in New Hampshire, and we’re here to stay!


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