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  Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  How does the process of hiring you for a writing project usually work?
Answer:  Typically, I meet with a prospective client at a mutually convenient location. During that meeting, I learn as much as possible about the client and his or her business, the nature and scope of the writing project, and the resources available to successfully complete the work. Based on that information, I submit a proposal for the work, which is either accepted or rejected. I do not start billing for my time until we have reached an agreement.
Question:  What's it like to work with you?
Answer:  I minimize meetings, communicate liberally by email, and talk by telephone as needed. I try to communicate with my clients in whatever way is most comfortable and convenient for them. I appreciate being updated as parameters of the project or sources of information change, and I keep my clients updated regularly so they know what they can expect and when. I rigorously meet all deadlines.
Question:  Do you quote a price by the hour or the project?
Answer:  I most often quote by the hour, but I can do either. It depends on the project.
Question:  Do you only work with medium or large businesses?
Answer:  No. I welcome businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. Most of my clients are small business owners.
Question:  What is your payment cycle?
Answer:  I invoice when a writing project is complete, and I request payment by check within 15 days, unless a client and I have agreed on another payment schedule.
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