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“Betty did some work for our team and did a phenomenal job.”
Financial Advisor

“We have already had about five or six calls that have, in fact, resulted in some new work. Your effort has more than paid for itself.”
CPA and Owner of Firm

“Betty did some work for us, and she gets us! It really came through in the writing.”
Life Insurance Consultant

"Betty did an incredible job of proofing our project and improved it considerably, even after it had been reviewed by someone else!"
Small Business Owner

“Betty Andrews was extremely professional, responsive, and very thorough in every one of our interactions. She provided insightful feedback throughout the process.”
Auto Dealer Sales and Leasing Consultant

“Her messages are clear and concise. She writes quickly and never misses a deadline, and she always keeps her audience in mind. She aims for consistent quality in her writing, and working with her is easy and productive.”

"I really love the newsletters. Nice work."
Director of Marketing & Communications

“Thank you for your writing skills, focus, planning abilities, and grace under pressure.”
Corporate CEO

“I enjoy working with folks that have a keen eye for editorial detail.”
College Director of Communications

“You have a great eye and are a great editor.”
[Former] PR & Community Benefits Director

“She has initiated and completed several multi-faceted writing projects that have benefitted the entire company.”
Manufacturing Company V.P., Operations

“She has unusual ability to organize and distill information from a variety of sources. The succinct result unfailingly captures the intended theme and tenor.”
Manufacturing Company, V.P., Manufacturing

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